SWP Cayman Reviews – Can They Be Trusted in 2023

SWP Cayman Reviews – 2024 Update On Fee’s, BBB & Scam Risk

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Through research, we have determined that SWP Cayman is a secure company to invest in. However, there are other companies in the market with better reviews and lower fees, which we will discuss in our in-depth review.

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As the year 2024 rapidly came upon us, many investors are looking for reliable resources to guide their investing choices. One of these potential sources is SWP Cayman, an investment and trading firm that has been around since 2002. But with so much information floating around, is this company’s reputation trustworthy?

The purpose of this blog post is to investigate reviews and research to see if SWP Cayman can be trusted in the upcoming years as a safe investment option or not.

With dive deeper into what accuracy and reliability claims have been made about SWP Cayman through real customer experiences along with other independent evaluations from financial professionals.

Once we explore all aspects surrounding the trustworthiness of this core investor platform, readers will have an answer as to how confident they can feel when considering SWP Cayman for future investing decisions.

About Strategic Wealth Preservation (SWP) Cayman


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#1 Readers Choice

Goldco is the leader in the Precious Metals Industry. From Precious Metals IRAs to direct purchases, Goldco has maintained a near perfect track record and therefore is our #1 recommendation for all our readers.

Strategic Wealth Preservation (SWP) Cayman is a premier wealth management international precious metals dealer and secures storage provider headquartered in the Cayman Islands.

This organization specializes in the acquisition of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bars alongside numismatic coins for individuals as well as wealth management professionals who are looking to store wealth on behalf of their customers. These products can be delivered to a home or business located within North America.

Secure storage solutions are also available through SWP, each designed to meet the highest industry standards expected from an organization like SWP.

With vaults in multiple countries such as the Cayman Islands, Canada, the United States, Switzerland, Singapore, and New Zealand, their wealth protection capabilities are unparalleled.

All of their secure storage facilities have ample security features that include biometric access controls bolstered by state-of-the-art surveillance systems.

Not only does Strategic Wealth Preservation Cayman provide individuals with wealth management services and safekeeping options for precious metals and numismatic coins but also offers personalized collection management that includes authentication/grading services as well as gold trading facilitation that is free from big bank commissions.

The knowledgeable staff and customers benefit from their vast experience which has been accumulated through over 25 years of combined expertise and investment opportunities within the wealth preservation service sector which places them at an advantage within their chosen field.

Advisory Board of SWP Cayman

Advisory Board of SWP Cayman

SWP Cayman is a secure storage provider headquartered in the Cayman Islands, specializing in securely storing precious metals for individuals and investors.

Jeff Clark is a renowned expert on the topic of precious metals, having deep-rooted family ties to the industry and ten years of experience as senior editor for BIG GOLD.

It was during his time there that he was responsible for assessing gold markets and subsequently providing analysis and market prognosis for

He was born into a family who owned award-winning gold claims across California, Nevada, and Arizona which gave him an undeniable advantage when he began his journey in the industry.

Jeff Thomas also enjoys analyzing precious metals though his expertise is obtained from a vastly different perspective.

For nearly a decade, Jeff Thomas composed a weekly column focusing on limiting governmental power which originated from his study of economics that he gleaned from Sir John Templeton and later, Harry Schulz and Doug Casey of the Austrian persuasion after his foray into economy began in 1990 with their teachings.

The two men are widely renowned in the niche of precious metal analysis with both bringing unrivaled skillsets to the field.

Both Stuart Bostock and Shayne Howe are highly experienced business leaders in the Cayman Islands. Stuart has been the President of Security Centres International (USA) and was formerly a Royal Cayman police officer. He is at present the President of the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce.

Shayne is the Managing Director of Phoenix Group, which is renowned as one of the best commercial and residential development companies on the island.

He has also previously chaired the Steering Committee for Future of Cayman and serves on the Board of Directors for Cayman Crime Stoppers. These two individuals demonstrate strong leadership skills backed by their corresponding experience.

SWP Cayman Products & Services

SWP Cayman Products & Services

Purchasing precious metals can be a great way to diversify one’s portfolio and secure precious metal holdings. As the leading precious metals dealer, SWP Cayman can help deliver an exceptional precious metals buying experience.

Through their direct access to a complete range of quality bullion products produced by the top mints in the United States, Canada, and Australia, purchasing precious metals has never been easier.

Their strict attention to detail results in success – customers receive genuine precious metals minted with integrity straight to their doorstep with only a flat fee of $50 for US delivery.

All products are also fully insured door-to-door for added peace of mind when purchasing precious metals online. With easy online access, you can stay informed on the precious metals market and take advantage of incredibly low premiums from at-the-spot pricing.

Take charge of secure precious metal holdings today – begin your purchase through SWP Cayman!

If you’re looking to invest in precious metals for a secure financial future, look no further than SWP Cayman. With easy ordering options by phone, email, or online, it’s never been more convenient to begin investing.

Orders require an approved SWP account; luckily the process is simple and fast, so you can get your trading journey started right away. All orders must meet minimum requirements of 200 Oz Silver or 3 Oz Gold, Platinum, or Palladium. Don’t delay – start investing with SWP Cayman today!

SWP Cayman Storage Services

SWP Cayman Storage Services

SWP Cayman is one of the leading providers of secure storage services that offer 100% allocated, segregated, and insured storage.

With their secure vaults and attentive staff, numerous reviews have reported that this secure service keeps customers satisfied with safe and secure bullion storage options.

Furthermore, these offers are competitively priced compared to similar programs offered by banks and other security service providers. If you’re looking for a secure vault to store your valuable items, then it’s worth considering SWP Cayman reviews as an option.

SWP Cayman’s Secure Segregated Storage Accounts


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#1 Readers Choice

Goldco is the leader in the Precious Metals Industry. From Precious Metals IRAs to direct purchases, Goldco has maintained a near perfect track record and therefore is our #1 recommendation for all our readers.

Choosing to store your precious metals assets with Secure Segregated Storage can be a great option, as investing in these materials is often quite expensive.

With their global precious metals network, you get the assurance that your items are being kept safe and continuously monitored. The storage fees are directly proportional to the value of the precious metals held by you.

This means that if your average annual value of precious metals holdings is USD $100,000, then you will pay an annual fee of $700 which covers storage, insurance, an audit, statements, and customer services among other things; for higher-valued holdings such as USD$300,000, the annual fee increases to $15oo.

To avail of this service there is also a minimum quarterly storage fee per location set at $50 USD. Hence be sure to make a deposit once choosing it as your asset-storing option at SWP Cayman.

Offshore Safe Deposit Boxes to Store Precious Metals

Offshore Safe Deposit Boxes to Store Precious Metals

Renting a safe deposit box with SWP is the ultimate way to ensure complete ownership and segregation of your gold and silver.

When renting from an Offshore gold storage firm, you can be sure that the incredibly sliding scale storage fees of $500 USD are giving you the highest level of security for your precious metals; each box comes with two uniquely identified keys and is covered by an extensive insurance policy issued by Marsh and underwritten by Lloyd’s of London.

As an example, if the average annual value is $100,000 then the yearly insurance fee would be $700, whereas if it increases to $300,000 then the yearly fee would also rise to $1500 – an increase of almost double.

Understanding how these fees are calculated is essential when looking into purchasing gold and such values need to be factored into any investment decisions.

Safe Deposit Box – Non-Metals

Safe Deposit Box – Non-Metals

With SWP Safe Deposit Box, you can store non-precious metals and other valuable assets such as digital storage devices, jewelry, and antiques in industry-approved safety deposit boxes that are located in a secure facility.

For complete peace of mind, the secure storage SWP cayman area can only be visited with an appointment while having surveillance cameras, electronic access control, and intrusion detection systems present.

Renters also benefit from insurance up to $1000 USD for their box contents. SWP takes away all the hassle associated with secure storage.

SWP Cayman’s Cold Storage for Cryptocurrency

SWP Cayman's Cold Storage for Cryptocurrency

Securely storing cryptocurrency wallets and keys can be difficult due to the digital nature of cryptocurrencies, however, SWP provides a cost-effective solution.

customers can rent a safe deposit box housed within our secure storage facility located in the Cayman Islands, ensuring their private keys remain protected while allowing them to use their funds when needed.

For only $600 USD per year, SWP is an excellent way for crypto enthusiasts to store their valuable assets with complete peace of mind.

Shipping and Insurance at SWP Cayman

With the rapid growth of global markets, the need for safe and reliable logistics solutions to manage valuable assets is paramount.

SWP provides an extensive suite of logistics services designed to transport these goods of any value seamlessly from their point of origin to the desired destination.

Working in partnership with reputable carriers such as FedEx and Loomis International, shipments are insured and monitored door-to-door for maximum security.

Moreover, complete paperwork solutions such as paperwork preparation and custom clearance documents are also provided along with packing instructions for the safe handling of the shipment.

With SWP, you can rest assured knowing that all shipments of precious cargo are estimated for cost prior to shipping and you are only charged once it has safely reached its destination.

This is made possible by assessing various factors such as the type of material, its value, the location from which the shipment begins, and when applicable the destination.

SWP Cayman IRA Custodians

Investment portfolio

With SWP Cayman, investors have the chance to diversify their investment portfolio with precious metals IRA.

Conveniently, SWP Cayman has also partnered with Advanta IRA for offshore storage of gold and silver in a self-directed IRA in the Cayman Islands. This provides investors with maximum liquidity in this tax-advantaged account and secure storage of their investments for an annual fee of $200 per account.

By partnering with two top custodians, Preferred Trust Company and Advanta IRA, SWP offers investors a reliable and convenient way to invest in precious metals while still realizing financial growth.

Holding precious metals within your self-directed IRA provides financial stability through a tangible and liquid asset.

With SWP, you can buy and store these assets in the Cayman Islands for increased safety. This jurisdiction is renowned for its impenetrable security, giving investors the peace of mind they deserve.

Annual storage fees are an affordable $225 per account, offering immense benefits at a low cost. Put your assets in reliable and dependable hands with SWP’s precious metal service today!

SWP Cayman Accounts


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#1 Readers Choice

Goldco is the leader in the Precious Metals Industry. From Precious Metals IRAs to direct purchases, Goldco has maintained a near perfect track record and therefore is our #1 recommendation for all our readers.

With an SWP Account, customers can easily invest in and access the company’s extensive and diverse portfolio of precious metals. They can purchase physical gold, silver, platinum, and palladium at competitive market prices, while also having the option to store their assets in a secure storage facility.

From watchlists to delivery requests complete with tracking IDs and certificates of authenticity, customers can take advantage of these premium services for a more convenient experience with full transparency about what exactly is being purchased.

How Does SWP Cayman Work

At SWP Cayman, opening an account is as easy as completing a simple application form. You can have an individual or joint account, as well as a business or trust account.

Once opened, you can buy precious metals directly from us at competitive premiums and choose to receive them either at your home or store them in one of SWP Cayman’s ten global storage locations.

Pros and Cons of SWP Cayman


  • Wide range of precious metals to choose from
  • Offshore storage in a secure jurisdiction
  • Competitive market prices
  • Convenient and transparent services
  • Professional, dependable customer service


  • Annual storage fees of $225 per account
  • Reliance on third-party custodians
  • Potential delays in delivery due to international shipping regulations
  • Limited information on purchase certificates and tracking IDs
  • Possibility of customs delays during international shipping

SWP Cayman Reviews

SWP Cayman offers reliable precious metal storage services in the Cayman Islands, earning consistently positive reviews from customers who are happy with their customer service and competitive pricing.

As an industry leader in securely storing precious metals sector for customers all over the world, SWP provides invaluable security that has earned continuing trust among customers.

“I have made a few gold purchases on SWP. Each time the gold products have arrived exactly as advertised and much faster than expected.

Just last month UPS was trying to charge me extra for the import, but one quick email to SWP and their customer support team resolved the issue immediately and the shipment arrived the next day.

I would highly recommend SWP Cayman to anyone interested in gold purchasing and/or storage.”
Jim McFadyen
5 Star Rating on Trustpilot

“We have worked with SWP for 5 years now and all has gone smoothly. We’ll keep using them for the forseeable future. Great company to work with.”
5 Star Rating on Offshore Reviews

“As a metals analyst I was looking for a way to diversify internationally outside the US, and was pleased to find that SWP met ALL my criteria.

I’m a proud customer, and since they’re in North America I can go visit my metal with a quick flight (and visit a beautiful beach!).

Now there’s no need to store on the other side of the globe to attain geographical diversification. SWP is my #1 international storage facility.”
Jeff Clark
5 Star Rating on Google