Monex Precious Metals Reviews 2023 Update On Fees, BBB & Scam Risk

Monex Precious Metals Reviews 2024 Update On Fees, BBB & Scam Risk

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Our research has established that Monex Precious Metals is a secure investment option. However, we will cover other firms with better reviews and lower fees in our comprehensive review.

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Investing in precious metals can be an excellent way to add diversity and resiliency to your investment portfolio. With Monex Precious Metals, you have access to one of the leading dealers in gold and silver coins, bars, and bullion, as well IRAs backed by these commodities.

In this blog post, we’ll offer a comprehensive overview of their background including fees, Better Business Bureau rating, and scam risk so that you know exactly what to expect when investing with them.

About Monex Precious Metals


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#1 Readers Choice

Goldco is the leader in the Precious Metals Industry. From Precious Metals IRAs to direct purchases, Goldco has maintained a near perfect track record and therefore is our #1 recommendation for all our readers.

The Carabinis family has been at the forefront of precious metals investments for almost half a decade.

It all began back in 1973 when Louis, Michael, and Christina decided to take advantage of the U.S coinage regulations from 1965 by capitalizing on them with just $1000 worth of silver quarters.

This dynamic trio established Monex International which rapidly expanded from its humble beginnings within Long Beach city into an internationally renowned name that stands as a symbol for excellence worldwide today.

With their timely vision, these three trailblazers were able to create something special out of nothing and became pioneers in an industry that is still growing strong 50 years later.

Monex Precious Metals Products and Services

Monex Precious Metals Products and Services

Monex is a globally recognized and respected precious metal exchange that offers customers the opportunity to invest in high-quality gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion. Whether you’re looking for coins or bars, they have what you need.

Monex is the perfect destination to manage your precious metals investments in an IRA. Their knowledgeable and experienced staff can provide you with valuable insight regarding retirement plan options.

While they are not a custodian, they will suggest suitable IRS-approved custodians who have all due processes in place, allowing for secure management of your funds.

With their help, customers can easily diversify their portfolio through IRAs while still having access to physical precious metal holdings. These include gold or silver coins and bars from recognized hallmarking agencies like UBS Swiss Bank Group or Johnson Matthey Refinery Group.

All transactions conducted by Monex adhere strictly to federal regulations regarding financial protection on behalf of individuals within 401(k)s plans, as well as other such programs operated under qualified sponsorships.

The company limits its services only to these areas. Thus, customers remain safe at every point during investment into gold and silver bullion products including rounds, ingots, and collectibles backed up with online resources (in terms of training materials articles created daily).

They also provide a free gold investing kit and transparent price quotes which accurately reflect historical trends across major world markets. This approach ensures complete honesty throughout any trading cycle undertaken via this renowned platform.

Knowing how to make the best investing decisions with precious metals can be a confusing and intimidating task. This is why Monex has become one of the top resources for investors looking to learn more about gold, silver, platinum, and palladium investments.

From DVDs full of educational information on industry trends to seminars from professional trading advisors, Monex provides up-to-date data on real-time prices so those interested are able to take advantage before they buy or sell their chosen investment product.

Gold Coins and Bullion For Precious Metals Investment:


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#1 Readers Choice

Goldco is the leader in the Precious Metals Industry. From Precious Metals IRAs to direct purchases, Goldco has maintained a near perfect track record and therefore is our #1 recommendation for all our readers.

  • Gold American Eagle Coins
  • Gold Australian Kangaroo Coins
  • Gold American Buffalo Coins
  • Gold South African Krugerrands
  • Gold Canadian Maple Leafs
  • 1.5 oz Gold Canadian Maple Leafs
  • Gold Vienna Philharmonic Coins
  • .99999 Pure Gold Canadian Coins
  • 1 Kilo Gold Bullion Bars
  • 10 oz Gold Bullion Bars
  • 1 oz Gold Bullion Bars

Silver Coins and Bullion:

Silver Coins and Bullion

  • Silver American Eagles
  • Monex Silver Eagle Rounds
  • Silver Canadian Maple Leafs
  • 90% Silver U.S. Coin Bags
  • Silver Vienna Philharmonics
  • 40% U.S. Silver Coin Bags
  • Silver British Britannia
  • Silver Canadian Bald Eagles
  • South African Silver Krugerrands
  • 1.5 oz Silver Canadian Maple Leafs
  • 1000 oz Silver Bullion Bars
  • 100 oz Silver Bullion Bars
  • 10 oz Silver Bullion Bars
  • 1 Kilo Silver Bullion Bars

Platinum and Palladium Coins:

Platinum and Palladium Coins

  • Platinum American Eagles
  • Platinum Canadian Maple Leafs
  • 10 oz Platinum Bullion Bars
  • 1 oz Platinum Bullion Bars
  • Palladium Canadian Maple Leafs
  • 10 oz Palladium Bullion Bars
  • 1 oz Palladium Bullion Bars

How to Buy Gold and Other Precious Metals at Monex

How to Buy Gold & Other Precious Metals at Monex

Monex is a reputable company for those interested in investing in gold and other precious metals, offering an approach designed to protect customers from fraud. Unlike many competitors, they require customers to communicate with the representative via telephone.

This may be seen as inconvenient at first, but this approach provides added security for personal information which adds value long-term.

If you’re ready to dive into purchasing through Monex, it’s best that you call during business hours – 5:30 AM Pacific time until 4:30 PM Monday through Friday.

The account representatives are knowledgeable on these matters and can inform you of the available options like delivery of products or opening up an IRA-backed metal account.

They can help ensure that your funds go far and stay safe even when your investment is experiencing fluctuations with prices due to market influences, such as inflationary pressures and supply/demand variables created by world economies impactful events.

Selling Precious Metals to Monex Deposit Company

Selling Precious Metals to Monex Deposit Company

If you’re looking to get cash quickly, Monex can help. They purchase gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bars and coins from individuals across the U.S., making it quick and easy to sell your precious metals holdings for a great price.

Regardless of your reasons for selling precious metals, Monex can make the process fast and secure. When you contact a representative to discuss your sale of valuable materials, they will provide an accurate estimate of the value of your goods.

The purchase price quote also includes packing and shipping to protect both parties involved in the transaction.

Monex Precious Metals IRAs

Monex Precious Metals IRAs

Investing in a Precious Metals IRA from Monex is one of the best financial decisions you can make. With your own personalized retirement portfolio, choose between Traditional and Roth IRAs for tax-deferred or potential tax-free growth on your savings over time.

For greater diversification and flexibility within this format, gold and silver coins and bars obtainable through premier mints around the world are all available options.

Setting up IRA Account at Monex Precious Metals


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#1 Readers Choice

Goldco is the leader in the Precious Metals Industry. From Precious Metals IRAs to direct purchases, Goldco has maintained a near perfect track record and therefore is our #1 recommendation for all our readers.

Investing for retirement can be a little daunting with so many options available. It is important to find the right IRA account provider so that you receive the best services in terms of functionality and return rates.

Monex Precious Metals offer IRAs that provide significant tax advantages over other traditional savings plans, as well as flexibility when investing in precious metals.

Steps to Set Up an IRA Account with Monex

Steps to Set Up an IRA Account with Monex

If you’re looking to invest in precious metals, setting up an IRA with Monex can be a great option.

Step 1: Contact one of the custodians listed on Monex’s website to open an account. Make sure to inform them that you prefer Monex as your dealer during the account setup process.

Step 2: Transfer funds from your existing IRA to your custodian account. It may take a few days before you can start trading. Keep in mind that you won’t have access to these funds until they pass Monex’s clearance checks.

Step 3: Call Monex and speak with a Monex account representative about investing in precious metals. They have a team of experts who can guide you through the process and help you make informed decisions.

Step 4: Once you’ve decided on your investment strategy, your Monex representative will provide the purchase details to your custodian. The custodian will need to review and approve the transaction before executing it.

By following these steps, you can easily set up an IRA account with Monex and start investing in precious metals. Remember, investing in precious metals can be a great way to diversify your portfolio and protect your wealth over the long term.

Monex Precious Metals Storage

Monex Precious Metals Storage

In today’s world, the need for reliable precious metals investments and secure storage of assets is ever-increasing.

Precious metals are becoming a popular choice. However, with such valuable holdings comes wary investors who want peace-of-mind that their investment has been safeguarded against any potential threats or risks.

To meet these needs, Monex has announced an exclusive partnership between themselves and Brinks International, a company that is renowned across the globe for its outstanding security measures. This agreement means customers can confidently store gold and silver.

Monex Precious Metals Cost

Monex Precious Metals Cost

If you are on the hunt for precious metals, Monex could be a great partner to help facilitate transactions at fair prices. With every sixty seconds that pass during market hours, their competitive pricing updates accordingly so customers can stay up to date with all of their options.

As of publishing time today, gold is priced at $1,892 per troy ounce, while silver comes in second place at around $24.79. Platinum takes third spot at approximately $895 per troy ounce.

This number may increase or decrease depending upon public demand and additional factors, such as political turmoil. Palladium was seen trading close to $2332 each Troy pound.

All these figures indicate quite an impressive growth since last year. This trend implies straightforward liquidity across major exchanges where buyers consistently experience transparent bids and offers.

For more accurate details on recent changes pertaining to metal values use – your one-stop solution for attaining true transparency without compromising security.

This allows members complete access associated with their digital assets and ensures no hidden costs or other suspicious activity occurs along transaction path. This ultimately provides peace mind enabling maximum satisfaction levels worldwide.

Pros and Cons of Monex Precious Metals


  • Large selection of metals, including rare coins and bullion from international mints
  • Useful learning resources on their website
  • 50 years of experience in the precious metals investment market
  • Option to sell back metals to the company


  • Extremely high fees for IRA services provided by third-party companies
  • Lack of transparency about the custodians
  • Higher premiums on some products
  • No live chat customer support

Is Monex Precious Metals a Scam?

Is Monex Precious Metals a Scam

When it comes to investing, research is absolutely essential. No matter what your goal may be, you want to make sure that the company or product in question is completely reliable and trustworthy so as not to fall victim to any scams.

Monex Precious Metals has been around since 1987 providing customers with precious metal investments along with storage options for those looking for long-term security solutions outside traditional banking services methods.

Customer Reviews About Monex Precious Metals

Customer Reviews About Monex Precious Metals

When it comes to purchasing precious metals, making sure you are getting the best quality and price is paramount. If you’re considering buying precious metals from Monex, a reliable precious metals dealer in the precious metals business with over 40 years of experience, customer reviews can be incredibly valuable.

“I bought silver from Monex with the understanding if I bought from Monex there would not be a commission charge when I sold the silver back to Monex.
I called and double-checked with another agent with Monex and he assured me that was correct.

But when I sold the silver –Dean ** the person I did business with and the person that told me there will be no commission charge. Did charge me $180.00 commission.

I sent him an email questioning why he made the charge & why he misinformed me. He did not respond to my email. This is a very unprofessional way to treat customers.”
James of Saint Charles, MO
3 Star Rating on ConsumerAffairs

“I read a couple of the other reviews that were negative for Monex and I recommend you read those as well. They are about small stuff like someone wanted 2013 coins and they ended up getting 2014, puh-leeze, big deal.

If I am going to purchase metals I buy from Monex because they’re fast, efficient, and generally have the best pricing that I can find. Also to me, they are unique in that you can buy on leverage, although I wouldn’t recommend doing it.

If you want to compare prices go to and contrast that with Monex and you’ll see that the best prices are more than what it costs through a Monex Atlas account (delivered cost).

With a less than 5-minute phone call you can order a hundred ounces or 5000 ounces (100-ounce minimum for silver). It’s that quick and efficient. Highly recommend.”
A A.
4 Star Rating on Business Consumer Alliance

“Do not do busines with these people. This company is trying to steal your money. Under no circumstances should you sign anything with them (they will tell you its necessary for an online account).

What your signing is waiving your rights to take them to court. I cannot believe thesse people are in business. Believe me when i tell you its a 100% scam.”
Ash G
1 Star Rating on BBB