Bullionstar Review 2023 Update On Fees, BBB & Scam Risk

Bullionstar Review 2024 Update On Fees, BBB & Scam Risk

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It has been determined through our research that Bullionstar is a trustworthy investment option. Nevertheless, we will explore other companies with superior ratings and lower fees in our thorough review.

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If you’re considering making an investment in precious metals such as gold and silver, then the BullionStar Company may be a great opportunity for you. This 2024 update gives you all the knowledge you require to decide if BullionStar is a wise choice.

Here, we ascertain fees, and Better Business Bureau (BBB) ratings, and evaluate the risks involved with utilizing their services.

BullionStar provides an array of operations for trading bullion products such as physical coins first found in the market long ago to very recent ecommerce bulls networks in addition to backed retirement options wherein buyers can own insubstantially invested metals.

As a result of these exemplary features offered by BullionStar, many investors find it to be a desirable choice–especially those purchasers located internationally who want to find safer territory when buying, possessing, and sometimes selling properties they consider highly valuable.

So without further delay let’s delve into this updated review that helps compare the essential benefits associated with using Bullionstar products and services by examining its charges verbatim whilst validating its legitimacy with certitude regarding the net trustworthiness index pertained thereto.

So now you can have peace of mind when finalizing your verdict about whether Bullionstar is fit for your particular requirements or not.

About Bullionstar


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#1 Readers Choice

Goldco is the leader in the Precious Metals Industry. From Precious Metals IRAs to direct purchases, Goldco has maintained a near perfect track record and therefore is our #1 recommendation for all our readers.

BullionStar is a well-respected international company that provides precious metals to customers locally and internationally. Established in 2009, BullionStar’s cofounders have created several highly respected precious metal-related companies.

In 2012, cofounder Mr. Torgny Persson opened the bullion dealer, BullionStar Pte Ltd., following the exemption of investment precious metals from GST in Singapore.

Additionally, in 2008, Mr. Persson first founded the bullion dealer Liberty Silver AB located in Sweden. Liberty Silver AB is now the largest bullion dealer in Sweden, and he serves as Chairman to its Board of Directors.

Through its top-notch customer service and user-friendly approaches when selling gold and silver at their showrooms regarding buying, selling, and storing precious metals, BullionStar has become renowned as an unbeatable one-stop shop for all things related to investing in said commodities.

BullionStar, a Singapore-based legitimate company that offers modern e-commerce trading and secure vaults for precious metals, has officially announced its expansion to the US market.

They offer various services from a physical bullion center to trading on the modern e-commerce network, including IRA services that allow investors to own the metals.

This move comes with big advantages to customers: free storage during their first year of purchase and free domestic shipping for orders above USD 98.

With this launch, international investors can now access an innovative one-stop-shop solution for buying, selling, and storing gold or silver bars bullion easily through physical showrooms across multiple locations worldwide.

Bullionstar Product and Services

Bullionstar Product and Services

BullionStar is an e-commerce platform that aims to provide customers with the convenience of having one consolidated source for buying precious metals from multiple regions. They offer products such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium with low premiums and spreads.

To increase the attractiveness of acquiring coins or bars, BullionStar even guarantees no spread at all between buying and selling prices when it comes to investing in gold or silver bars.

Furthermore, BullionStar also meets Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requirements for any purchases made through their website, whether or not a metal IRA has been explicitly specified by the customer.

Along with guaranteeing instant online purchases and low premiums on acquirable metals, it’s these additional features provided by BullionStar that make shopping for precious assets an even more appealing option.

Precious Metals at BullionStar


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#1 Readers Choice

Goldco is the leader in the Precious Metals Industry. From Precious Metals IRAs to direct purchases, Goldco has maintained a near perfect track record and therefore is our #1 recommendation for all our readers.

BullionStar is dedicated to providing its customers with access to high-quality gold from some of the best producers in the world. All its gold bars come from well-renowned LBMA-certified manufacturers, such as PAMP Suisse, Heraeus, Argor‐Heraeus, and Metalor.

PAMP Suisse has gained a great deal of respect amongst investors due to its commitment to only producing products with impeccable finish and unique designs. BullionStar is delighted to be offering an array of exceptional items for sale on its website.

Bullionstar also provides bullion items from German mint Heraeus – a business that has been implementing advanced production techniques for over 160 years. This provider specializes in manufacturing wightley up to 1kg.

Bullionstar’s most celebrated bar is the Gold Bar With No Spread – 100 g. Setting this item apart from most other bars on the market today, this type doesn’t come with extra costs when purchased or resold making it a neat option among Numismatists and investors alike.

BullionStar’s extensive selection of silver bars includes major LBMA-certified brands, such as Heraeus (Germany), PAMP Suisse, the Royal Canadian Mint, Perth Mint, Johnson Matthey, Metalor (Switzerland), and Nadir (Istanbul).

These bars come in sizes ranging from 31.1 gram (1 troy oz) up to a whopping 31.1 kg (1000 troy oz). For larger investments, BullionStar offers competitively priced bankbars in sizes of 1 kilogram, 100 ozs, 5 kilogram, 15 kilogram, and 1000 ozs.

Silver bullion coins also represent a popular investment option thanks to different unit solutions: many customers choose units of 500 ‘Monster Boxes’ for greater variety and resale flexibility.

Gold and Silver Bullion:

  • Gold Britannias
  • Australian Gold Kangaroo Nuggets
  • Austrian Gold Philharmonics
  • American Gold Eagles
  • Australian Gold Lunar Series
  • Chinese Gold Pandas
  • Canadian Gold Maples
  • Mexican Gold Libertads
  • Perth Mint Gold Bars
  • South African Gold Krugerrands
  • Argor-Heraeus Gold Bars
  • PAMP Gold Bars
  • Swiss Bank Corporation Gold Bars
  • Metalor Gold Bars
  • Royal Canadian Mint Gold Bars
  • Valcambi Gold Bars
  • BullionStar Silver Bars
  • Heraeus Silver Bars
  • Royal Canadian Mint Silver Bars
  • Perth Mint Silver Bars
  • Nadir Refinery Silver Bars
  • Perth Mint Silver Dragon Bars
  • Singapore Silver Merlion Coins
  • Silver Britannias
  • Australian Silver Kangaroos
  • Canadian Silver Maples
  • Austrian Silver Philharmonics
  • American Silver Eagles

Platinum Bars and Platinum Coins

Platinum Bars and Platinum Coins

BullionStar provides investors with a variety of investment-grade platinum instruments. These commodities, freshly minted by some of the world’s most prestigious mints like the Austrian Mint, Royal Canadian Mint (RCM), US Mint, Royal Mint, and Perth Mint are some of the highest sought-after forms of this precious metal.

Not only will investors be able to purchase these coins and bars, but also the refinements of Heraeus, Valcambi, and Argor-Heraeus located on the London Platinum and Palladium Market (LPPM) Good Delivery list for platinum bars too.

While there is not much historical evidence to suggest people have as regularly used platinum as a monetary asset such as gold or silver until more recently, one cannot deny that it has been and still remains an attractive investment option – meaning plenty of investors take advantage of the various high-quality products BullionStar offers.

Platinum coins offered by BullionStar boast an impressive range. From Canadian Maple Leaves to US Mint Eagles and Platinum Philharmonics from the Austrian Mint to UK’s Platinum Britannia and the Perth Mints”s beloved Platypus and Koala coins, all coins are available in precious 1 oz weights.

Investors are further spoiled for choice by BullionStar’s selection of premium platinum bars. These vary in weight in the amounts of 1 kg, 500 g, 100 g, and finally 1 oz.

The Financial Services Authority of Singapore favors investing in heavy metals like platinum; making them GST-exempt on the grounds that bars and coins have a minimum purity of 99% or above and are officially certified by the LPPM Good Delivery list as assayed by any refiner present at the London Platinum & Palladium Market.

Loyal followers of BullionStar would be ecstatic to hear that all their platinum bars and coins’ respective purities are strictly maintained at @99.9%.

Bullion Savings Program (BSP)

Bullion Savings Program (BSP)

Seeking to diversify and protect your wealth? Look no further than BullionStar’s Bullion Savings Program (BSP), a unique and cost-efficient method of accumulating physical gold, silver, and platinum savings.

Every day on BullionStar’s website, users can easily view the daily report detailing the stock of each metal backing each program they are invested in.

The program provides buyers with premium precious metals at below the spot price with activities arriving at a low spread granting you a beneficial success point.

Investors have the comfort of converting their rewards into gold coins, silver bars, and even platinum disputes. Through these multi-faceted operations rests an assured value in your metallic savings entailing successful savings through physical bullion.

How to Buy Precious Metals at Bullionstar

Precious Metals at BullionStar

BullionStar offers the ability for users to purchase gold, silver and other products across multiple countries.

  • To start your purchase journey, select the ‘Buy Gold & Silver’ option from the top menu on the left hand side of BullionStar’s webpage; this will bring up a dropdown list that highlights all of the product categories. You can also easily search for specific products at any time with the search box found just above the top menu; here you can pick from more popular searches directly from a drop-down list too.
  • Select your desired country by clicking on the dropdown box to the right of “Stock Location” towards the top right-hand side of our website.
  • Step 2 of the purchase process enables you to do just that. Just click on “Filter Products” located on the product list screen. You can then refine products based by weight, Issuing Country, Availability, and Year.
  • Once you have found the product of your liking, turn to Step 3 where you will be able to enter the desired quantity of said product in the small field situated next to the “Add to Cart” button. Hit “Add to Cart” when done and voilà.
  • The item has just been added to your Shopping Cart with a pop-up box appearing showing the changes. From there, simply select either “Continue Shopping” or join your items at Checkout with the “Proceed” button.
  • Step 5: Select “Proceed to Checkout” and your selected item(s) are automatically added to your Shopping Cart, appearing directly on the Checkout page. Just double-check your purchases since you can edit the quantity of each item you chose or click ‘X’ next to its listing for deleting.
  • Step 6: If that last one wasn’t quite it for you, choose “Continue Shopping”, conveniently returning you back to the pointed product screens where selecting items repeats as simple as steps 3 & 4. Get your shopping list completed with a few easy clicks.
  • Step 7: Select your delivery option. Click on the drop-down box under Delivery, and the arrow on the right-hand side to reveal three options. Invest in Vault Storage for safe, reliable storage of your purchased items; alternatively, you can collect them yourself or get them sent straight to you by Courier. Enjoy convenient products delivered with maximum efficiency so you can spend more time living life.
  • Step 8: Select your method of payment by clicking on the drop-down box under Payment which is situated on the right-hand side of the page. You have a broad selection of options from which to choose. These include bank transfer, PayNow, cheque payment cash, NETS, and card for orders processed in Singapore or orders processed in New Zealand can also pay with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum or Litecoin. You can also edit the currency you wish to pay in by clicking the “Change Currency” link next to the Payment heading. This feature covers major currencies like SGD, USD, EURO, GBP, and AUD as well as specialty ones like NZD , SEK and JYP and cryptocurrency.

If you are already logged in at the time of purchase, your registered address will act as the default customer and shipping address, so it will be available to view under ‘Customer Information.’

If you need your order sent to a destination that is not your registered address, check the box for ‘Ship to a Different Address’, and fill out the corresponding form fields required.

If you have not yet set up an account with us and need to complete a purchase without logging in, select the identification tags Empty Under ‘Customer Information’.


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#1 Readers Choice

Goldco is the leader in the Precious Metals Industry. From Precious Metals IRAs to direct purchases, Goldco has maintained a near perfect track record and therefore is our #1 recommendation for all our readers.

To reduce registration costs, customers that want to place orders but have an account with us should simply log in upon checkout.

For purchases needing Vault Storage for service authentication, first, time customers must choose a Security PIN Code that needs to be registered with them.

Carefully read through our Terms and Conditions, then check the box indicating that you agree to them. Then, be sure to also check the box acknowledging that your order is automatically binding once submitted.

After taking a moment for this final review, click “Place Your Order” to submit it officially. Your purchase is almost done.

Selling Precious Metals at BullionStar

Selling Precious Metals at BullionStar

Are you looking to sell precious metals? Look no further. Visit the BullionStar’s Sell webpage, where you can place orders on the items to sell that you possess.

Once your order is placed on this webpage, you must handover or ship your bullion to the BullionStar Singapore shop within one business day.

For additional convenience, you can also choose to sell any bullion stored in its vault storage by contacting BullionStar and requesting a quote. Place your order with peace of mind knowing that measures are in place to provide an accurate valuation of your precious metals based on current market prices.

Hand over or ship your metals to them at the address BullionStar Pte Ltd 45 New Bridge Road Singapore 059398 within one business day of placing your order.

You don’t have to make an appointment, just simply show up with your metals. Or choose the shipping option and have them delivered right to us within one business day.

Once they receive and verify that your metals meet their standards, then you’ll get paid. If you come directly to the shop, their team typically pays on the spot.

However, if it is shipped, your payment will typically be processed within two business days of its arrival.

BullionStar’s Vault Storage to Store Precious Metals

BullionStar's Vault Storage to Store Precious Metals

BullionStar offers a comprehensive vault storage service – the perfect end-to-end solution for buying, selling, and storing gold bullion. Feel in complete control of your assets 24/7 — with full online access to the stats and figures related to your Investment.

It provides immense peace of mind knowing your bullion is stored at BullionStar’s prestige location in Singapore on 45 New Bridge Road — itself integrated with security measures like reinforced concrete steel bars, surveillance and more.

BullionStar operates another facility at the maximum security Le Freeport vault too — also based in Singapore.

Accessing these vaults (or withdraw/selling it through your online account anytime) becomes a simple process with little disruption to your desired schedule due to hassle-free appointments.

Withdrawals can either be shipped to you directly or collected straight from our vaults during your prearranged visitation times instead.

Step-by-step Guide to Open Precious Metals IRA Account With BullionStar

Step-by-step Guide to Open Precious Metals IRA Account With BullionStar

BullionStar is an experienced entity that works with a range of IRA custodians. As their preferred partner, they offer the services of IRA Club, making available precious metals IRAs suitable for any need or situation you might have.

By teaming up with IRA Club, you can establish a self-directed and secure account that enables you to invest which then facilitates the purchasing and storing of bullion from BullionStar.

In addition to traditional IRAs, IRA Club further provides exceptional ROTH, SIMPLE, and SEP versions as valuable alternatives to everyone looking for a suitable self-directed retirement plan.

Are you interested in investing in precious metals via an IRA? With BullionStar, you can open a Precious Metals IRA account from start to finish with our easy step-by-step guide.

  • First and foremost, you’ll need to have a custodian account. We recommend IRA Club for a self-directed custodial IRA with special rates for BullionStar investors.
  • Once that’s settled, your next step is funding the custodial account. You have the option to contribute additional funds, transfer from another IRA, or rollover from another pension plan such as a 401k.
  • In order to purchase and store precious metals, you’ll have to open an account with BullionStar. To do this, visit the Sign Up page and select “Trust / Foundation / IRA” for the Account Type in the dropdown menu.
  • When prompted for “Account Name”, provide either the IRA name or LLC name (if the IRA owns an LLC which in turn buys the bullion). To signify that this purchase is being made with an IRA, select “IRA” in the Entity dropdown.
  • Once you’ve completed those steps and your account has been verified, placing a buy order is simple. On BullionStar’s platform, put in your desired order specifications and submit. You must also send over the confirmation of this buy order to your assigned IRA custodian for settlement through your existing IRA funds.
  • Finally, BullionStar will process all purchases into its own vault storage facilities safely and securely. An email notification confirming the successful placement of your precious metals will be sent as soon as processing is complete.

Pros and Cons of Bullionstar


  • Secure vault storage service
  • Full online access to the figures related to your Investment
  • Hassle-free appointment for withdrawals and selling
  • Offers a range of IRA custodians
  • Easy step-by-step guide to open Precious Metals IRA account
  • Facilitates the purchasing and storing of Bullion


  • High-cost investments can be risky
  • Does not offer own IRA services
  • Limited to bullion investments only
  • IRA custodians charge a higher fee than others

Customer Reviews About BullionStar

Customer Reviews About BullionStar

Our Bullionstar review paints a picture of a legitimate and trustworthy provider of precious metals products and services.

The vast majority of customers have expressed satisfaction with their experience, coming away enriched by the variety of products on offer as well as provided services.

Further, feedback across various websites shows positive ratings and reviews which serve to strengthen the point that on all measures, the company is genuine in its endeavor to provide first-class service to customers.

“Excellent services; transactions are quick and transparent, customer care staff are friendly and very helpful, and these guys take great care ensuring we have peace of mind by checking all documents and adhere strictly to processes. Glad to have known you folks.”
Stanley Wong
5 Star Rating on Google

“Very professional and gracious staff – great variety of products plus very low-friction transactions. I even had the special experience of chatting with the CEO who was visiting the store that day.”
Kris Childress
5 Star Rating on Trustpilot